"HalfAWoman2" ("Półkobieta2")

digital video, USA/Poland, 2005.
directing, script, camera, editing, set design: Jacek Malinowski
actors: Joan Fitzsimmons, Olga Ziemska, Piotr Głowacki,
producers: Jacek Malinowski, Greg and Irene Kwiatek
collaborators: Suzan Shutan, Małgorzata Ciołek, Marta Wójcicka,
Małgorzta Ignatowska, Marek Malinowski and others.

"HalfAWoman2" is a continuation of the film "HalfAWoman". The sequel is about Joan (half a woman) who comes to Poland to act in a shoe commercial for the company named BUTA (But in Polish means shoe). Olga is her volunteer help. She helps Joan to move around and in general to exist in the outside world. Peter is a Polish commercial producer. He is responsible for the idea of the ad. After watching the first film (HalfAWoman) in the gallery, Peter decided to do the shoe ad with the legless woman to make it unusual or shocking. Jacek is a cameraman, who knew Joan from working with her on the first film. He gave Peter Joan's phone number to let the two get in touch.
Now, all the people are gathered in Warsaw/Poland to actually do the commercial. Jacek is documenting the meeting in the hotel or apartment room. He does not shoot the process of doing the commercial, rather private talks and hotel activities of the characters off the ad's set. Before the film's end though, we see the first draft of the commercial. The film ends with the scene taken during the garden party that Peter's agency issued to thank Joan for being the face of the Buta Company.

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